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The modern educational and popular literature portrays the Assyrian army as an   invincible war machine.  A number of passages from the Bible are filled with the same respect mixed with fear.  But we may ask ourselves and, of cause, the assyriologists, if this perception corresponds with the historical facts. In search of the answear, we`ll try to find out, what is the ratio of the Assyrian victories to the complete list of battles given by this hegemon of the ancient Middle East. 

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Mikhail  Motchalov
Teacher of socio-economic sciences,  Samara Railway Technical School named after A.A. Buyanov – the Branch of Samara State Transport University, Samara

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с сайта КАРПЕНКО ИГОРЬ КОНСТАНТИНОВИЧ: http://www.dvkar.com/rus/index2.html
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сб. "Культурное наследие Востока", Л., "Наука", 1985.
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Серия "Великие полководцы"
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